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Northern Health is responsible for the delivery of health care across Northern British Columbia, including acute care, mental health, public health, addictions and home and community care services.

About Northern Health
Northern Health oversees the top two-thirds of the province of BC, an area covering 600,000 square kilometres with a population of approximately 300,000. Within Northern Health, there are over two dozen acute care facilities, 14 long term care facilities, public health units and offices providing specialized services. Find out more on the NH website.

Working at NH
The vision of Northern Health is to be a model of excellence in rural health care. Our mission is as follows: Through the efforts of our dedicated staff and physicians, in partnership with communities and organizations, we provide exceptional health services for Northerners. Our new slogan, the northern way of caring, is a motto we live by both in our service organization and the workplace. Find out more on the NH website.

Employment Benefits
Working for Northern Health offers all the best benefits. In addition to a great lifestyle, affordable housing and lots of opportunities for wilderness recreation you will receive full dental and extended health coverage as well as life and disability insurance. Find out more.

Affordable Lifestyle
Our communities offer a wide range of amenities. Although we have some larger communities, Northern BC is generally free of the strains of urban life. You can forget about traffic jams - we don't have them. Housing is affordable. You can get to know your neighbours. All of our communities are within easy reach of some of the most spectacular natural beauty that British Columbia has to offer. Find out more.

Michael Melia, a registered psychiatric nurse, his wife Julie and their four children are originally from Manchester, UK. The family made the move to Terrace, BC in 2005. Michael is now the Manager for Mental Health and Addictions Programs for the Northwest Rural Area of Northern Health.

Michael Melia had always held on to a dream of moving to Canada. “I was never sure why. Something about mountains and landscape, but nothing more specific than that.” When his career reached a turning point in 2004, Michael, with full support of his family, decided it was time to find out if this instinct was correct.

The family purchased ten acres of property just north of Terrace. “Coming from the UK, where there is so much congestion, the idea of a large property and of owning land was truly a dream. We have a pond and mountain views on three sides. Lots of wildlife passes through our yard: bears, wolves, cougars and moose.” 

It’s what we’d hoped for – that our children have an improved lifestyle, and access to greater opportunities.”