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How to Get Started

Once you have a letter of offer (LOO) for a position in Northern British Columbia, there are a number of steps that you, the practice that you’ll be working with and Northern Health must take to ensure a smooth transition to your new position. Please see below for an overview of the steps required to complete the process and obtain a temporary work permit.

1) Hiring and Sponsoring

The hiring practice and/or Northern Health will send you a formal written offer (LOO). If you need a temporary work permit, then Service Canada requires that your letter of offer must be printed on Northern Health letterhead and signed by the person responsible for hiring. The letter must state that the offer is temporary and subject to extension at the end of your first year of work. Northern Health submits a request to the BC Ministry of Health Services for a letter of Confirmation of Need.

The hiring practice must ask Northern Health to submit a formal request for your provisional licensure to the College of Physicians and Surgeons of BC (CPSBC). The request must include a copy of the letter of Confirmation of Need issued by the BC Ministry of Health Services. The CPSBC will then send the Service Canada Labour Market Opinion (LMO) approval letter and a registration package to the health authority. Northern Health will then send the letter and package to you.

2) Credentials and Licensing

You will need to contact the Physician Credentials Registry of Canada (PCRC - to have the source of your supporting documents verified. This is required by the CPSBC. The CPSBC requires that you complete the Medical Council of Canada Evaluating Exam (MCCEE) before you can practice in British Columbia. As a condition of ongoing licensure, you may be required to complete the Medical Council of Canada Qualifying Exams Parts 1 and 2 within three to five years after you start practicing in BC.


3) Apply for a Temporary Work Permit

Complete an “Application for Work Permit” (to be submitted once you have received the LMO from the sponsoring health authority). Please check the Citizenship and Immigration Canada website for application instructions.

Submit the “Application for Work Permit” along with the LMO letter of confirmation, file system number, the College service letter, your CV, your offer letter, and all other required supporting documents to the nearest Canadian visa office.

When you receive your work permit, you must immediately send a copy to Northern Health.

4) Confirm your Credentials

Email the CPSBC at to request an appointment to present the original documents to verify your credentials and training. These must be the originals of documents that you’ve already submitted for the preliminary assessment and registration application. You must ensure that you bring copies of all of the documentation requested in the registration package to this meeting. During this meeting, the CPSBC will issue your registration (licence).