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Travel Nurse Program

What is the Travel Nurse Program?

The Travel Nurse Program is a collaborative effort between Northern Health and the British Columbia Nurse Union which strives to provide innovative solutions to rural and remote health care shortages. The pool consists full time, part time, and causal employees.

Woman wearing a Northern Health Travel Nurse T-Shirt


  • Increase health care services in a way that supports our strategic priorities
  • Increase the number of permanent positions within NH to staff our facilities
  • Reduce the costs associated with:
    • Overtime shifts
    • Relief not found shift
    • Agency nurse costs

Six reasons to be a travel nurse with Northern Health:

  1. Explore new professional opportunities
  2. Get to see new places and communities while being paid
  3. Get extra time off when you're home
  4. Access $5,000 annually in professional development funds
  5. Meet new people
  6. Gain great rural and remote skills that can be transferred to many other clinical settings


  • Travel communities are based on operations’ needs. Every effort will be made to give you six weeks’ notice before you’re assigned to a travel community. NH will pay travel costs in accordance with local policy, including a paid travel day of 10.5 hours (11.5 hours’ work) for each direction of travel. 10.5 hours will be paid regardless of whether the travel day is shorter or longer due to unforeseen circumstances (weather, construction, etc.). Per NH policy, a meal per diem will be provided on travel days.
  • A NH fleet vehicle or rental car will also be provided to you during your stay in the community.

Accommodation & meals

  • During your stay in the travel location, accommodation will be provided. Wherever possible, a kitchenette will be included.
  • Spouse, guests or family joining in the accommodation may be considered on a case by case basis depending on the type of accommodation available.