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Travel Resource Program - Nursing

What is the Travel Resource Program?

This program is a collaborative effort between Northern Health and the British Columbia Nurses Union. The Partnership recognizes creativity, innovation, and flexibility while serving rural and remote communities. Nurses are supported to expand their scope of professional practice while discovering new experiences in nursing.

We are currently offering permanent positions to RNs and LPNs with a minimum of two years acute, long term care, or specialty experience.

Woman wearing a Northern Health Travel Nurse T-Shirt

Why join our team?

We support your work-life balance by using a self scheduling model.

  • You schedule your shifts, where you want to work, and your preferred departments.
  • Your schedule is built 6x per year in 2 months blocks
  • Travel hours count toward your FTE
  • Explore Northern BC while working
  • Meet other healthcare professionals and travel nurses
  • Live anywhere in Canada and be part of our team

Travel and Accommodation

  • The Travel Resource Program provides all your flights, car rental or NH fleet vehicles, ferries or a mileage equivalency.
  • A $55.00 per day meal per diem is provided
  • All accommodation is provided, typically with a kitchenette
  • Family members (spouses, children) may be able to accompany nurses to some locations determined on a case-by-case basis. Expenses of family member are not covered by the Travel Resource Pool.

Next Steps

Contact one of our recruiters at NHJobs@northernhealth.ca who will assist in answering questions and connect you with the program manager. Check out our current postings at expectmore.northernhealth.ca.

We look forward to welcoming you to our Team.